Honoring Jarrod Phillips
Honoring Jarrod Phillips

To honor of the memory of Jarrod Phillips, the family has requested a project be done in the country of Fiji, a place where Jarrod had a deep love and connection. 

The Phillips family would like to celebrate Jarrod’s legacy by supporting a clean water project and classroom expansion at an elementary school, building a local community center, and ensuring that the elementary school is equipped with a computer lab and required internal infrastructure. This school is near Narikoso village, Rakiraki in northern Fiji.

The elementary school has over 200 students and currently does not have access to clean water for the students or teachers, nor a proper sanitation strategy.

We desire to install water filtration and catchment systems, computer lab, and classroom expansion at the school, a build a community center-- all in Jarrod's honor. 

ABOUT Fiji Project Funds
Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 05/25/2021 $500.00  
Marin Gogan 04/14/2021 $103.30  
Greg and Teresa Beightel 04/08/2021 $154.79 What a wonderful way to commemorate your brother.
Cecil Schultz 04/03/2021 $52.34 Wishing you peace and comfort. My heart and prayers are with you.
Jared Harris 04/02/2021 $50.00  
Aaron Holt 04/02/2021 $154.79  
Anonymous Friend 04/01/2021 $103.30 I knew Jarrod for a brief time but he made a huge impact on me. His ability to love others was unsurpassed. Such a light in this world. I am so very sorry for your loss.
Enzo & Carolee Whipple 03/31/2021 $103.30 We love you Phillips family and pray for you. Thank you for being such amazing neighbors
Gene Phillips 03/31/2021 $51.80 Donation from Gene, Karen, Genell, Claudia, Jennifer & Becky. "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you."
Don and Elaine Davis 03/31/2021 $1,000.00  
Lisa Gallaway 03/30/2021 $206.28 In loving memory of Jarrod. Love, Aunt Leah Dell, Barry, Gene and Lisa ♥️
Amber Dahl 03/30/2021 $50.00 ❤️
Utah Filmmakers™ Association 03/30/2021 $51.80 Thank you, Jarrod, for all that you have done for our filmmaking community.
Ashley Larsen 03/30/2021 $20.91  
Anonymous Friend 03/30/2021 $11.00 Fly Jarrod Fly ⛰???
Mary Catherine Conger 03/30/2021 $51.80 In loving memory of Jarrod. May his legacy live on through this project with helping people!
David Richards 03/29/2021 $103.30 With all my puny will I would see you safe beyond the quiet line of my understanding.
John & Mary Steffen 03/29/2021 $62.10 I worked for Jarrod during college and after I graduated. Jarrod was a fun loving and hugging person who was always there to support me. He will be greatly missed. I am glad to have had the time that I did with him.
JORDANELLE SSD 03/29/2021 $103.30 Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are so sorry for your loss and hope the memories of Jarrod will live on in your heart and in Fiji.
Theresa Baronek 03/29/2021 $26.06 We pray for comfort and love in this difficult time. May the memories you have live on.
Lauralee Browne 03/29/2021 $105.00 The gratitude I have for Jarrod Phillips will never be able to be repaid. I hope that his spirit & love live freely in Fiji.
Barbara Cummings 03/29/2021 $25.00 Jarrod was the cousin of a very close friend. I’m privileged to help this cause in a small way. I’m praying for deep peace and comfort for his family.
Amanda Johnson 03/29/2021 $51.80 Honoring the cousin and family of my dear friend, Jana, in their grief.
Joel Mendias 03/29/2021 $77.55 Jarrod was one of a kind. I had the pleasure of working with him during his time at House of Moves in LA, and we remained in touch ever since. He loved life, and he loved people; and he left a lasting stamp on this world, a world which he departed far too soon. RIP, my kind brother.
Jennifer Boggs 03/29/2021 $51.80  
Anonymous Friend 03/29/2021 $50.00 Jarrod didn't invent the bear hug, he just perfected it
Erin Daniels 03/28/2021 $103.30 Jarrod you will be greatly missed. I’m glad they are honoring you this way. I have always wanted to go to Fiji, now I will remember you while I’m there and do something in your honor. I’m grateful I was able to connect with you on many occasions and see all your talents. May your family be comforted, find peace and know you love them. I’m sad that the pain was just too much. Sending my love and light, Erin Daniels
Anonymous Friend 03/28/2021 $26.06 Some of the most resonant things we hold in life are our connections to others. May your life, your connections and your joy continue to extend far beyond you and into the lives of others. Thank you for continuing to share your light with many other people. All my love and condolences to your family at this time.
Mike & Sheila Johnston 03/28/2021 $500.00 May this add to the lasting legacy of Jarrod in Fiji.
Lisa Grow Sun & Robert Grow 03/28/2021 $250.00 Sending our love to all of you. We are so sorry for your loss. Lisa & Karl Sun and Robert & Linda Grow
Kent and LaNay King 03/28/2021 $20.00 We love the Phillips family and always enjoyed Jarrod’s huge grin and love for life. We wish you all healing and hope you feel our support.
Kate Coté 03/28/2021 $51.80  
Jose Villeta 03/28/2021 $150.00 In loving memory of Jarrod and all the best to his family and friends.
Jana Friend Starner 03/28/2021 $26.06 Bryan and I are honored to contribute to something important to my cousin. May the love of friends and family “hug” and comfort the immediate and extended family as they adjust to his physical absence. He will never be forgotten. ❣️
Jeanne Desautels 03/27/2021 $100.00 In loving memory of Jarrod. Blessings and prayers to the family.
Richard Dorton 03/27/2021 $103.30 You Inspired many to dream big and you made dreams come true. Missing you and grateful for having you in my life.
Alzina Warner 03/27/2021 $50.00 We have fond memories of the Phillips family and send our love at this time to honor Jarrod. Joel and Alzina Warner
Heather Gabriszeski 03/26/2021 $103.30 Sending love ❤️
Anonymous Friend 03/26/2021 $20.00  
Sally Smith 03/26/2021 $103.30 What a beautiful way to honor Jarrod by helping the people and place he found happiness with in Fiji. Sending love and hugs. ♥️
Darlisa Riggs 03/26/2021 $26.06 With much love.
Madison Coleman 03/26/2021 $103.30 Jarrod helped me out during a pivotal point in my life. I will forever be grateful for everything he has done for me. He will be missed
Erik Hansen 03/26/2021 $51.80 I begged Jarrod to work my first feature and he took a chance on me. I’ll never forget that kindness that he put his neck out for me.
Shawn Lowry 03/26/2021 $103.30 I love you, Jarrod! The world lost a beautiful person. Until next time, my friend.
Daniel Andrews 03/26/2021 $206.28 Yu are gone friend, but your light still shines brightly
Tina-Marie McClain 03/26/2021 $103.30 My deepest sympathies. What a wonderful way to celebrate your son, brother, and father.
Anonymous Friend 03/26/2021 $50.00 Rest in Peace
Lisa Taylor 03/26/2021 $103.30 You are Forever with us, We Love you everyday!
Beckie and Tom Rowley 03/26/2021 $26.06 With sincere sympathy! We are support this cause
Anonymous Friend 03/26/2021 $52.34  
John Friend 03/26/2021 $103.30  
Claire Toms 03/26/2021 $50.00  
Tony Shiff 03/26/2021 $51.80 Jarrod made things happen. He was a good man.
Jason Benham 03/26/2021 $26.06  
Anonymous Friend 03/26/2021 $20.00  
H&H Friends 03/26/2021 $478.98 We all love you, Allison! Wishing you and your family comfort and strength.
Bari Nan Rothchild 03/26/2021 $187.62 We are grateful to be able to honor Jarrod's life in this way, and to help carry out his dreams. We hope all of you who loved him find comfort in your memories of him, and in this meaningful project. With love from your Nordic family: The Border Johnsons, Haerters, Roepkes, Rothchild's and Selzmans.
Corbett Donald McAllister 03/25/2021 $20.91 Love Jarrod and love this cause. Sure gonna miss him and frequently think of impact he’s had on me. Jarrod’s passing has motivated to be more like him in how I uplift others.
Anonymous Friend 03/25/2021 $520.60 Love you...go do good!!!
Anonymous Friend 03/25/2021 $103.30  
Monica Phillips 03/25/2021 $300.00 Love you, big brother ❤️
Anonymous Friend 03/25/2021 $1,545.11 May the knowledge that this gift will aid others in a country much loved by Jarrod be of comfort to you at this time.
Anonymous Friend 03/25/2021 $10.61  
Lex Hogan 03/25/2021 $103.30 Perfect way to honor Jarrod’s memory. I wish I could do more.
Dan and Nikki Manzanares 03/25/2021 $103.30 What a perfect way to celebrate your life by giving back to the place you loved and wanted to make a difference. You are missed by so many. The world definitely lost a bright light. Rest in peace sweet friend.
Lydie Loyer 03/25/2021 $100.00 You bring light in my life 29 years ago my dear elder Phillips now it’s your time to join the light and be seating next to our savior.... It was an honor to have you with me when I got baptized in the river like Christ did it... Rest In Peace my friend until we meet again
Michael Beck 03/25/2021 $20.91  
Brandy Pitcher 03/25/2021 $100.00 Jarrod was a sweet loving soul who treated everyone with respect. Every time Janette I worked with him, he would always stop and have a conversation with us and we would always be laughing at something,. He always had a smile on his face. And gave great good bye and thank you hugs.
Jaycee Weniger 03/25/2021 $20.00 You will never know the impact you’ve had on me in this lifetime. Love you Jarrod❤️
  Total $9,619.98